• A module: it is a model including different learning activities with different sections if needed.
  • A session: is created when you want to enroll participants to a module. This session can be personalized by the trainer or the administrator just by adding or deleting activities from the 'main' module..

Create a content

Start by creating a module with different learning activities such as video, quiz, documents, events..

Send a content

To send one or more modules, you need to create one or multiple sessions depending on the dates of your sessions. If you have a group starting on the 20th of September, create a session, add a trainer or more who will be in charge of the session.

Manage a content

To manage a session, nothing has changed. You can go to your Camp and go in the management area, then click on the session button.

However, if you want to change the date of the session and the trainers, you need to go back to the Studio to edit your sessions.

Personalize a content

It is now possible for each session, to personalize the content of the module without impacting the other sessions.

How does it work ? 

Let's say you just finished creating a module with different activities. You create a session, which 'Copies' your module as it is now and you allow a trainer to adapt the content of it. 

Your 'Main' module has not been updated, only the session (which is a copy of it).

If you adapt the 'main' module, it will not impact the sessions going on. The new sessions you create will have those changes though.

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