Our rights

MySkillCamp employees have access to customer data only in specific cases:

Customer's questions about his data

Problem solving

Request for change in the data


MySkillCamp guarantees that the personal data relating to the customer and of which MySkillCamp is the controller will not be sold and / or assigned to a third party or disclosed for commercial purposes.

Your data is available and safe


Minimum configuration:


In order to take full advantage of the MySkillCamp application, a minimum configuration is necessary:

Ensure that the prerequisites for all items are met: screen with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and 256 MB RAM.

Make sure to have on all the terminals a compatible browser:

Internet Explorer 9 and higher

Firefox 3.5 and higher

Chrome (all versions)

Safari 4 and higher

Conduct bandwidth testing to ensure that users can use the platform in the best conditions and deduct recommendations in terms of weight and nature of the educational formats used for seamless integration and consultation. Minimum recommended bandwidth: 512 kbit / s for all non-streaming video uses.

Authenticate the mail servers to ensure that messages from the platform are not blocked by the client DSI. It is necessary to whitelist the email address notification@myskillcamp.com in the configurations of the mail client, and in the mail server / anti-spam software.

Whitelist app.myskillcamp.com or the custom domain name to ensure that members can access the platform.

Check that the Flash plugin is up to date to ensure that members will be able to access the videos (version 11.2 required) and contents of all formats (swf, modules created from market tools such as Articulate ...) integrated on the platform via "Documents / From my computer / flash".


MySkillCamp allows you to upload videos in HD and automatically creates an SD version of all videos on average 5 times lighter than the original. An HD / SD button appears at the bottom right in the player and allows users to select the desired quality. Note that viewing in HD requires more bandwidth per user.

In addition, MySkillCamp provides a conversion mode that guarantees a speed of less than 512 kbit / s for all your videos. The quality is reduced, this configuration is available on request from your Account Manager.


MySkillcamp allows you to create course sheets and several types of questions (True / False, Multiple Choice, Order, Association, text with holes, Open ...).

You can also import various types of documents:

• Images (gif, jpg, png)

• Videos (avi, MP4)

• PDF files

• Microsoft Office documents

• SCORM modules, version 1.2 or 2004

It is also possible to import shared content from the Web (direct link, embed code or iframe code). This includes services such as YouTube, Slideshare or Prezi.


The MyskillCamp platform is built on the fundamental precepts of UX design. The product managers & designers teams keep up with the latest UI trends on a daily basis. The uses and functionalities are constantly analyzed and optimized thanks to AB Testing tools or heat maps.

The design and ergonomics of MySkillCamp are inspired by the data and the big trends of the market. At MySkillCamp, the user experience must optimize the learning experience. That's why ergonomics and design are among the fundamental pillars of MySkillCamp's LMS, authoring tool and social and collaborative features.

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