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In this article we cover:

  1. Where can I find Coursera's learning content?

  2. How can I start Coursera's training content?

1. Where can I find Coursera's learning content?

Your learning manager must have enabled the integration with Coursera first. Contact your manager to be able to find Coursera content. Then, your learning manager has to connect Coursera to the learning space.

Step 1: On your 'I learn' interface, go to the 'Catalogue' page.

Step 2: Use the filters to find all Coursera's learning content.

Here you can see an overview of all Coursera's content that your learning manager preselected for you.

As with most courses, learners have the option of adding them to their 'to be learned later' list. If you already started your course, you can find it under 'My courses'.


2. How can I start Coursera's training content?

Follow steps 1 & 2 from above.

Step 1: If you're interested in one content, click on 'Details'.

Step 2: Then click 'Enrol' to enrol on the training content, or click on 'Access to the content' if you've already started learning.

Step 3: The training content will be launch automatically in a new tab after you're registered to the content.

Now you can start learning with Coursera!

🤓 Good to know: You will be automatically connected through an SSO when launching Coursera content.

You can find your Coursera content under the 'My courses' page again.

Your learning progress with Coursera will be displayed under 'My learning history'.

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