Good news! On 22 May, the platform is getting a revamp.

___________________ Graphic and technical redesign __________________

In order to optimise your user experience and make your platform more enjoyable, our teams have worked on different elements for many months.

Here are some of the subtle and useful changes:

  • The introduction of reactions in the newsfeed. React and like comments like on social media.

  • A new search menu in the “Camps” section to help you quickly find the camp you want.

  • A new vertical menu to access the settings for your account.

And that’s not all. You will also be able to pin external content in your different camps to enhance the catalogue of your learners. They will be able to specify if the content has been reviewed using a new feature Mark as “Done”.


The URL addresses of the platform are changing. Click HERE to learn more.

_________________________ Go-live of “I coach” _________________________

Remember, “I coach” is a space dedicated exclusively to trainers that helps them with supervision of learning and offering comprehensive support to learners, all with a single goal: improving the quality of the learning experience.

To explore this interface more closely, we have created an introduction module in I coach for which you will soon receive an invitation.

Note: Access to I coach will initially be restricted to a small panel of users who will enjoy early access and will provide feedback to us on the new feature.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation will be carried out with these users before widescale roll-out.

Want to learn more about I coach? Read the dedicated article HERE.

_________________________ Why May 22nd? ___________________________

The 21st is a public holiday. As a result, traffic on the platform will be much lower and our team will be able to focus on this important update. It will be accessible again on 22 May.

It will be accessible again on 22 May. Your learners or creators will not be notified by email of this update. Please note that if they attempt to log in on this date, a page in French, Dutch and English will inform them of the maintenance in progress.

_____________________________ Need help ____________________________

We have added many articles that are available in your documentation:

Any questions? Our support team is available if you need them at or via the online chat accessible from the platform.

Happy learning!

The myskillcamp team

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