I coach is your platform’s new interface which complements the 3 current profiles: I learn, I create and I organise

Zoom on the myskillcamp interfaces

  • I learn which offers an interface dedicated to learning contributors (personal dashboard, catalogue or library, communities, learning course reader, etc.).

  • I create with a tool allowing the course designer to create courses or paths with various activities, whether digital or otherwise.

  • I organise dedicated to training managers who will be able to manage learning within the company.

  • I coach the interface designed for and dedicated to trainers so they can organise training course (from preparation to monitoring) for every learner.


The advantages of “I coach”

In order to best assist each learner step by step, the trainer needed a dedicated space, and this is now done with the “I coach” interface.

  • Offer comprehensive support: before (preparation), during and after training.

  • Help training managers in pedagogical supervision.

  • Improve the quality of the learning experience: have a real “coach”, a human presence on a daily basis and at each stage of the learning cycle.

  • Suggest similar or in-depth course to extend the learning experience.

  • Increase each learner’s commitment: learners feel accompanied and supported throughout the learning process.


In practice, what features await you?

To guide trainers in their daily tasks, different features will be available:

  • Leading a group of users: sharing shared files, chatting with one or more learners, sending email or message reminders, providing support, etc.

  • Intelligent alert and information system: notifying the trainer of a learner’s activity and taking action if necessary (no progress for a week, enrolment approved, exercise correction, etc.).

  • Monitoring of progress and analysis of training performance, using a statistical tool.

  • Attendance management during face-to-face training.

And even more significant, a system for sorting and archiving current and past sessions, a document sharing management system, exchange communities specific to each training group, sharing and feedback from your experts, etc.


Don’t hesitate to contact the Support team for any further information: support@myskillcamp.com


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