You wish to alter the date of an event, change the time or add resources! Go to the relevant event and follow the guide book below 😀


  1. What is an event?

  2. What are the stages to alter an event? 

  3. How are learners notified?


1. What is an event?

This is an activity which allows you to create a synchronous event, i.e. training in person or via videoconference. 


2. What are the stages to add an event?

1st stage: Select the session concerned.

2nd stage: Click on “Programme” which is in the second left side menu.  

3rd stage: Click on “...” to the right of the event and select “Edit”.

4th stage:  A new side window will open on the right of the screen. You can then alter various information such as: 

  • The day(s) of the event 

  • The times 

  • The place or the videoconference link

  • The description of the project

  • The participants

  • The resources shared

  • The language of the event

 5th stage: If you wish to notify learners of the changes made, click on “Notify participants by email” at the bottom of the window.

6th stage: Don’t forget to validate so that the system takes the changes into account 😉


3. How are learners notified?

If you choose to notify your learners, they will receive an information email. __________________________________________________________________

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