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To add a learner to a Camp:

To invite learners to join a specific Camp, you have to go to the “I organise” interface and click the Camp in question.

In the horizontal menu that appears, go to “Members”.

In “Member management”, click the “Invite a member” button.

A window opens giving you the option to add a user:

  • by typing the name of the user in question into the search field.

  • by ticking the box next to the user in the automatic user list in your training space.

Important: the suggested users only include people who have already been added in your training space. Can’t find a user in the suggestions? Add the user to your company space before proceeding.

To add a new user to your company space

Still in the “I organise” interface, go to the sidebar and click “Users”.

Two options:

  • Single invitation with users added manually via the “Invitation” button: a window will open and ask you to complete a form with information about the user concerned (email, surname, first name, chosen branding, manager’s name, language, notifications, etc.).

  • Group invitation by importing several users:

To access the import option, you must click “...” next to the “Invitation” button and then “Import users”.

You will be able to download a template for formatting your users’ data by clicking “Download an example”.

Fill in the information relating to the import: the chosen interface and branding, email notifications, etc.

Don’t forget to confirm :-)


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