To access email notification management, you have to go to the “I organise” interface. Once logged in, go to the left sidebar and then:

1 - Select your chosen Camp.

2 - Select the “Settings” tab in the horizontal menu:

then click “Notifications”.

The settings for managing email notifications are then visible:

  • Turn off all notifications

Setting this to “off” turns off all notifications for the selected Camp.

  • Access to training courses:

You authorise (or block) notifications when:

- a course is added to a community.

- the learner registers for a training course.

  • Communities

Send (or don’t send) a notification when someone joins a community.

  • Invitations

You can activate email notifications to invite and notify your users:

- to join their first Camp.

- of a new access to a Camp.

- to confirm registration on the platform.

  • News and messages

You can activate email notifications to notify your users of:

- a new message on a Camp newsfeed.

- a new message on a Community newsfeed.

  • Reminders of upcoming events

You can send automatic reminders to session participants at different key times:

- 1 day before

- 3 days before

- 7 days before


Please do not hesitate to contact the Support team if you need further information:

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