When creating training courses on the platform, you have the ability to import files to make it more dynamic and engaging.

Attention, there is a file size limit: your files must not exceed 1.2 GB. Note that it may take longer to load.

Which file types are allowed?

  • MP3

  • JPEG

  • PDF

  • GIF

  • PNG

  • AVI

  • OGG

  • Word document

  • PowerPoint

  • Plain text

  • OpenOffice spreadsheet

  • OpenOffice text

  • Office Excel

  • OpenOffice presentation

  • Movie file

  • QuickTime format

  • FLV video

  • Open Web Media Project - Video

  • MP4 file

  • 3GP

  • Matroska Video

  • Windows Media Video


Please do not hesitate to contact the Support team if you need further information: support@myskillcamp.com

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