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If you didn’t find your answer in our FAQ, we recommend contacting a member of the team to provide you with a more detailed and personalised response to your request.

How do I contact a member of the team?

1 - In the top right of your dashboard, click “Help”

2 - A window will open in the bottom right. Click “New message”:

3 - Enter your email address and the content of your question or request:

4 - Don’t forget to click the orange arrow in the bottom right to confirm the sending of the message 😉

Good to know: All your exchanges can be viewed in “Your conversations” from the online help course.

5 - When a member is available to talk, you are notified on the interface like below:

Not logged in to the platform? The response notification is also sent to you by email.

6 - Talk to the support team and ask them any questions you have.

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