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A very useful feature in your training space is the ability to interact with other members and react on the newsfeed.

Prerequisites to be able to post comments on the newsfeed

  • You must have been authorised to post a message

  • You must have been authorised to comment on a message

We recommend contacting the administrator of your online space for more information if you don’t have these permissions 😀

What is the “Newsfeed”?

It is where everyone can express themselves. Like your personal social media, you can post text messages, media (photos or videos) as well as files.

To your keyboards!

Where is the newsfeed located?

From your “I learn” interface, you have access to a dashboard containing all the courses or shared files you need as part of your learning path.

1 - Go to your dashboard and head to the “Newsfeed” section in the right of the screen

How to use the “Newsfeed”?

1 - Click in the “Express yourself” field and select where your message will appear:

Good to know: you are inevitably part of one or more training spaces (= on myskillcamp, we call them “Camps”).

  • If there’s only one in the list, just click and select it.

  • If there are several (like in the example above), please contact the administrator again to find out where the message can appear.

3 - Once the Camp has been selected, you can write your message.

You can, if you wish, also include an attachment:

  • Images: PNG; JPEG; GIF, etc.

  • Videos: AVI; MP4; QuickTime, etc.

  • Documents: PDF; Word; Excel; PowerPoint, etc.

Then click the arrow to publish your message.

4 - Voilà, your message is now visible to all members of the community!

How do I manage a message on the newsfeed?

1 - Once your message is published in the newsfeed, the whole community can see it. Don’t worry, it can be deleted at any time by clicking the icon below:

2 - Do you want to download the attachment associated with the message posted by a member? Just click the icon below:

How to post a comment on the “Newsfeed”?

A member has just posted a message and you want to react?

Reminder: the comment function is only available if your administrator has activated it for you.

1 - Go to the message, then click “Comment”

2 - Write your comment

3 - Click the arrow to confirm publication of the comment

4 - Voilà, your comment has just been published!

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