When creating a chapter you can choose from 10 activities. Just click on one of them to add it to your course.


  1. Legend

  2. The 10 activities


1. Legend

When an activity is added, the following icons may appear:

=> This is your editing menu
It lets you adjust the advanced settings of your activities. Remember to check it out whenever your add a new one.


=> Cancel an activity in just one click
Please note that this action is irreversible!


=> The activity is not available on a mobile.
This is mainly the “Project” activity.


2. The 10 activities

1. Quiz: challenge learners by suggesting that they answer questions.

2. Project: stimulate learning by encouraging the learner to issue a resource to you. 

3. Self-assessment: give the learner the option of doing a self-assessment on a project.

4. Media: import documents (videos, images, documents and web resources) 

5. SCORM: import teaching content created in other systems.

6. Content page: build your page and insert your content. 

7. Event: manage your events remotely or face-to-face. 

8. Discussion: add interactivity with a discussion thread.

9. Certification: congratulate your learners!

10. LTI: host external content tools directly into the course.

Good to know: The “I create” interface automatically records any activity that is added. You needn’t record your progress, as our system takes care of this for you 😀


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