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To get your users to engage from start to finish, we recommend customising their learning environment. Their experience will be key to ensuring the effectiveness and management of your learning projects on myskillcamp.

What is branding on myskillcamp?

Branding means customising your training space with your own branding, styles or customising your messages.

How do I create branding on the platform?

1 - Go to your dashboard and head to the orange panel on the left of the screen, then click “Branding”.

2 - You then have an overview of the branding created on the platform.

  • To create a new branding, click “+Create”.

  • If it has already been configured by our teams, you will still be able to rename, edit or delete it by clicking “...”.

  • If you have a large number of brandings, you can search by key words

3 - Let’s create your first branding:

After clicking the “+Create” button, a window opens and you then have to give your branding a name.

After clicking confirm, you are brought back to your dashboard:

In the “Catalogue” tab, you can upload a background image to be used with your catalogue.

Currently, the sender for all messages sent to your users is shown as myskillcamp. If you wish to change this and use your own name, you must contact our Customer Success Manager or the support team.

In the “Email” tab, click “Request change”, you will be redirected to a team member to process your request.

In the “Login” tab, it is also possible to customise the background image when your users log in.

You can also request to have the URL for accessing your training space changed. To do this, contact our Customer Success Manager by clicking “Request change”.

Finally, the last element that can be customised: the colours of the interface. A primary and secondary colour are set by default.

If you wish to change these, contact our Customer Success Manager, again by clicking “Request change”.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Support team if you need further information:

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