When you’re on myskillcamp, several features are available to create and launch your training projects. There’s a lot of jargon, but don’t worry - we’ll explain everything below:

Training courses: a teaching package comprising chapters. As a general rule, ONE theme is dealt with during a course. A training courses may be compared to a book.

  • Chapter: a chapter comprises activities. These are therefore chapters which make up the book.

  • Activity: this can be a content page, a medium, a quiz, a discussion, a project, a face-to-face event or a video conference event, a certificate or a SCORM (standard used for online training systems)

Reminder: in a session a trainer broadcasts a module to a learning group with the option of modifying the dates during face-to-face events or video-conference events. A session can be customised based on a group of users.

Good to know: when a module is published, at least one session must be created.

Pathway: a training course comprising several modules and/or activities. All of which is ordered by transitions (fixed date or number of days).

Catalogue: library of modules and pathways freely accessible by members of the platform.

The added benefit of myskillcamp? Integrating course from third-party suppliers.


Don’t hesitate to contact the Support team for any further information: support@myskillcamp.com


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