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What is a Camp?

Just remember this simple equation: 1 Camp = 1 training space.

The “Camp” concept was created to help you segment your learning activities and facilitate the distribution of your courses.

You are free to define the structure and distribution of your learning community within several dedicated spaces to organise it based on objectives, skills to be achieved or jobs.

Within these “Camps”, each of your learners can find their training courses, the catalogue of training courses available to them, their shared files or their communities.

Did you know?

Each member can have access to one or more Camp(s). Again, you decide how to organise your co-workers’ access to skills.

Similarly, learners can filter training courses to see only those associated with the Camps to which they were invited.

Follow the guide!

1 - Log in to the myskillcamp portal

2 - Select your space and the “I organise” interface

3 - This then brings you to the Camps management space

4 - To create a new Camp, click:

Then, follow the steps:

Now it’s your turn!

Good to know: Attention, you can’t go back or delete a “Camp”, even as an organiser or administrator.

Do you want to delete a Camp? Contact the support team using the online help at the top left of your dashboard.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Support team if you need further information:

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