A short definition is required

Just remember this simple equation:

1 Camp = 1 training space

All training content is distributed within several training spaces, which is what we call “Camps”.

This iconic myskillcamp feature was created with the aim of:

  • Segmenting learning activities

  • Allocating learners according to a specific theme

  • Facilitating the distribution of your content

These personalised spaces therefore allow you to organise your offering and your population of learners into a single interface. You decide how you want to structure your training portal!

Good to know: Within the interface, each member has access to one or more Camp(s). Again, you decide how to organise access to the knowledge.

Within these “Camps”, each learner can find his or her training courses or the catalogue of training courses available to him or her. Learners can also filter to see only content associated with the Camps to which they were invited.

How to create a Camp?

Please read the dedicated article by clicking here.

How to access the Camps?

From the “I organise” interface, go to the left sidebar and click “Camps”. You will find all the Camps you have created here!

Some key terms in this media have been changed,

please see this article for more information.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Support team if you need further information: support@myskillcamp.com

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