• A course: training template containing several basic activities organised into chapters and in several languages.

  • A session: distribution of a course to a learning group by a trainer with specific dates, who can customise this course for the group, for example by adapting the activities.

Some key terms in this media have been changed,

please see this article for more information.

Create a training course

Start by creating a course in which you will create training activities.

Distributing a training course

To distribute your training course to one or more groups or several training spaces, simply create one or more sessions.

Managing a session

The process for managing a session hasn’t changed. You can continue to do so from your Camp in the Camp management space, then select “Sessions”.

However, if you want to change the trainer or date, you can do so from the Studio in the Sessions tab.

Customising a training course

It is now possible to customise the training for a session without impacting the other sessions. Your trainers will therefore be able to familiarise themselves with your course and customise each session depending on the target group.

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