When you have a problem, is your first instinct to clear the cache in your Firefox browser? If so, you’ve come to the right place! If not, click here.

1. Start by opening your browser - if it is not already open on this page!

2. On Windows, press CTRL (Control), SHIFT (an up arrow; the shift key), and DELETE (‘Del’) at the same time: CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE.

3. On Mac OS X, press COMMAND (⌘ symbol), SHIFT (an up arrow; the shift key), and the DELETE key used for deleting the previous character (backspace, this symbol, ‘Del,’ etc.) at the same time: ⌘+SHIFT+DELETE.

4. A Firefox page will open, allowing you to clear the browsing data. Start by selecting “All” as the range, this is very important! In the details, choose to clear the cache, as well as the offline website data; there is no need to clear any other information. The image below will give you a preview of the result. Click on “Clear” now.

5. Close and relaunch your browser, and that’s it!


Don’t hesitate to contact the Support team for any further information: support@myskillcamp.com

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