You have an issue, so your initial reaction is to empty the cache of your browser, Internet Explorer? Nice, and you're on the right page! Otherwise, take a look here...

  1. First open your browser - if it's not already opened with this support page!

  2. On Windows, press simultaneously the keys 'CTRL' (or 'Control'), 'Shift' (or a big up arrow; the upper case key), and 'Delete' (or 'Del'): CTRL+Shift+Del

  3. An Internet Explorer page or tab will open, allowing to clear some data. Make sure to NOT select the "Preserve Favorites website data" checkbox. Choose to delete the temporary internet files and website files; it's not necessary to delete the other data. The picture below will give you an overview of the resulting screen. Click the 'Delete' button.

  4. Close and reopen your browser: you're done!


Don’t hesitate to contact the Support team for any further information:

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