You have an issue, so your initial reaction is to empty the cache of your browser, Google Chrome? Nice, and you're on the right page! Otherwise, take a look here...

  1. First open your browser - if it's not already opened with this support page!
  2. On Windows, press simultaneously the keys 'CTRL' (or 'Control'), 'Shift' (or a big up arrow; the upper case key), and 'Delete' (or 'Del'): CTRL+Shift+Del
  3. On Mac OS X, press simultaneously the keys 'Command' (or 'Cmd', or the ⌘ symbol), 'Shift' (or a big up arrow: the upper case key!), and the backward deletion key (or 'backspace', or this symbol, or 'Delete', or 'Del'): ⌘+Shift+Del
  4. A Chrome page or tab will open, allowing to clear some data. Make sure to select "all time" as a time range, it's very important! Choose to clear the cached images and files; it's not necessary to clear the other data. The picture below will give you an overview of the resulting screen. Click the 'Clear data' button.
  5. Close and reopen your browser: you're done!
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