Introducing the browser cache

Without any action on your side, a part of the myskillcamp Web application is stored locally on your computer, in a so-called cache, by your internet browser, whatever it is: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox... It improves your browsing experience later on, making it faster.

The issue

Whenever we improve our application, in some cases your browser could still use the obsolete, local version from its cache. As a result, you may experience all sorts of unexpected problems: some medias won't show, the user interface is wrongly displayed or acts in a strange way, some buttons don't work properly, and much more.

The solution

Don't worry! You can force your browser to get the very last version of the application, by running yourself a short & easy procedure, which requires only some keyboard dexterity! The objective is to empty the browser cache.

The process depends on which browser you use; if you don't know its name, this page will tell you how to find it.

You've got its name? Then here are the articles describing the process with details for all the browsers supported by myskillcamp:


Don’t hesitate to contact the Support team for any further information:

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